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Toddler Eating Woes

 Toddlers can be some really picky eaters and many parents begin to worry about their child’s nutrition because some toddlers push everything away while others … eat everything in sight. It’s really hard to evaluate if a toddler is getting too much or too little and parents worry.
 Picky Toddlers

It’s okay for a toddler to be picky because most s don’t like particular foods, it is important to not cater to a child’s specific requests if the food of choice isn’t healthy. Some parents give into the routine of chicken nuggets and French fries, leaving a toddler very limited. Fried foods are not healthy and should be eaten in moderation; these foods lead to overweight toddlers. Parents with picky toddler should experiment with food.


It’s important to experiment at the toddler stage with different foods, different textures and let a toddler develop their own taste. One of the most common mistakes that parents make are by limiting a toddler’s choices. Instead of offering a cookie, offer some steamed carrots for a snack or a peanut butter sandwich with cubed cheese. At dinnertime offer up a couple of vegetables that are tangible finger foods like green beans or broccoli and limit sweets.

Many parents believe that a toddler will refuse to eat vegetables but parents forget that toddlers that are hungry will eat! Sweets are a horrible thing to give toddlers because once a toddler develops a sweet tooth; it can be hard to break.

Toddlers with Big Appetites

There’s nothing wrong with a growing toddler with a big appetite as long as the toddler is getting enough exercise and that weight gain isn’t a problem. If weight gain is a problem then it’s a good idea to start making some menu changes. Many parents don’t give children enough water instead filling a toddler with fatty milks and sugary juices; toddlers need water. Giving a toddler adequate water to drink throughout the day will actually fill up those little tummies and help parents devise a healthy eating schedule of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two-three snacks as recommended.

Toddlers with No Appetite

Toddlers with no appetite tend to be the ones that most parents worry about and sometimes there’s no cause for concern, other times there is. Parents should consult with a pediatrician for a check up to make sure illness or an underlying condition isn’t present. Most often times, the child just doesn’t want to eat and pediatricians tell parents not to stress about it, simply keep an eye on the toddler.

Toddler Eats

Toddlers should eat a balanced breakfast, a sensible lunch and a light dinner with a two-three snacks throughout the day just s should. A balanced breakfast for a toddler could be a bowl of cereal with a banana, an apple pancake or waffle, orange slices with peanut butter toast and even a bowl of oatmeal with apple slices downed with a glass of milk, juice or water. The average lunch for a toddler isn’t complicated either.

Try them out with a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread, some grapes or a green leafy salad. Children food that they can play with! Remember snacks can be a cup of yogurt, some raisins or even a few cherry tomatoes.

A toddler can’t be blamed for bad eating habits because they don’t prepare their own food and it’s up to Mom and Dad to make those wise decisions about what to and what not to introduce their children to. Be wise in selecting the foods for toddlers because good nutrition is a great start!
--Contributed By Mariah N--

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